Our Committees

Committees and Reps Responsibilities are listed in the DAR
ProgramChairman (Team Leader)EmailPhone
ExecutiveILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGH
AmericanismDavid Schauer 32º
Audio/VisualJohn Braasch 32º KCCH
AuditAssigned by PR
Bikes 4 Books
BudgetGeneral Secretary
Chamber of Commerce
Childhood Language Disorders, Rite CareRichard J. Masch, 32º KCCHmyimgs/MaschRed256.jpg
Communications Technology
BylawsGeneral Secretary Scot Sageser 32º KCCH
DAR Duties, Assignments, and ResponsibilitiesGeneral Secretary Scot Sageser 32º KCCH
Degree Captain 04º ILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGH
Degree Captain 05-6º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
Degree Captain 09º ,10º ,11º Scot P. Sageser, 32º KCCH
Degree Captain 14º Charles C. Compton, Jr. 32º KCCH
Degree Captain 18º Hank Carman 33º IGH
Degree Captain 24º Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
Degree Captain 28º
Degree Captain 30º Lance N. Otis, 33º IGH
Degree Captain 31ºILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGH
Degree Captain 32º Scot Sageser, 32º KCCH
Degree DirectorThomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGH
Demolay RepILL. James N. Reid, Jr., 33º IGH
Education/MasterCraftsmanHank Carman 33º IGHmyimgs/hankcarman256white.jpg
EventsScot Sageser/GS
FacebookTodd Mears 32º
Feast of RemembranceWise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix
Feast of TishriVenerable Master, Lodge of Perfection
FinanceWilliam Hubbard, 32º KCCH
Fraternal Outreach Scottish Rite
Funeral Team, Memorial Director CoordinatorRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
Greeters, Fellowship
Jobs Daughters
Knights of St. AndrewTony Annable 32º
LeadershipScot Sageser 32º KCCH
Life History
Life MembershipsGen. Sec.
Long Range PlanningLance Otis 33º IGH
Masonic Community Outreach
MembershipDavid Hansen
Memorial Services (Rose Croix Funeral)Almoner, Richard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
MentoringRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
Military RecognitionThomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGH
Newsletter / Trestleboard
NominationsBrian George 32º
Officer Backups for Secty, Treas, PR, etc
Properties & Costumes Thomas R. Dangelo, 33º IGH
Public RelationsJason Reeder 32º
Rainbow Girls
Rose Croix/MemorialRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
Scholarships SupportBill Hubbard 32º KCCH
Scholarships- ValleyMike Pursey, 33º IGH
Sickness Welfare & Relief ALMONERRichard L. Dexter, 33º IGH
VMAP DirectorScot Sageser, 32º KCCH
WebmasterJason Reeder, 32º
Webmaster SupportLance Otis 33º IGH
Committees are assigned by the Personal Rep for the Valley and by the General Secretary, subject to input from the Officers and Director of the Degree work.